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The Meaning

The word School comes from Greek skhole’ which means “leisure” or “that in which leisure is employed” and later to mean a place where lectures were given.

Schools were a way to transfer knowledge, skills, values and traditions from one generation to another. Somehow in our pursuit of knowledge we forgot the value of leisure, playfulness and creativity. Our school structure became rigid and regimented. We started valuing grades over compassion, competition over collaboration, book knowledge over wisdom. We learnt to suppress our feelings and emotions out of fear of judgement and a desire to fit in.  

We all learnt to read and write, studied mathematics, science, history, economics, biology and various other subjects but no one taught us how to deal with rejection, insecurity, failure, fear, anger, sadness, jealousy or grief? 

"Happiness is a skill

The more we practice the better we get"

We were made to  believe that these emotions are a natural part of life and we need to ‘deal’ with them.  This is not true.  Just like we learnt how to read, write, spell, multiply and draw we need to learn how to engage with our emotions and practice being happy.

Through our progressive curriculum

If any of the above resonates with you, please contact us and allow us to be your companions towards a happier life.

Why my clients

Love Me

  • The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive – your session was a huge hit, with some Googlers saying it was the best offsite that they’d ever attended! Both the theory and the group activities resonated well with a predominantly millennial audience. The only complaint was that they wished that they had more time for the session!

    Leonie Valentine

    Managing Director Sales & Operations,
    Google Hong Kong

  • Shveitta Sharma is one of the most insightful motivators I’ve met so far. She is an incredibly astute, observant, and warm listener and is experienced with dealing with a diverse range of personalities.

    Raymond Lam

    Senior Writer at Buddhistdoor Global
  • Shveitta always manages to breathe in life and passion into her projects and solutions. She’s a great team player and I was amazed at how she pulled together a brilliant team to customize a solution for me.

    Rasika Saikia

    Onboarding Program Manager,
  • Over the years, Shveitta Sethi Sharma has displayed a constant, heartwarming and communicative enthusiasm for recognizing and enhancing the causes and conditions for genuine happiness and human flourishing. Her endeavor must be encouraged and supported by those who aspire to work together towards a better world. 

    Matthieu Ricard

    Author of Happiness, How to Cultivate Life’s Most Important Skill.
  • Shveitta has a natural talent for bringing out an authenticity in leaders and helping others truly find their voice. She imbues a sense of purpose and meaning in every interaction that is rooted in a life practice that has been influenced by some of the most insightful spiritual teachers of our times and yet makes not pretence in how she approaches every personal conversation…

    Vincent Ng

    Urban Planner & Former TEDx Curator.
  • Shveitta Sharma is a breath of fresh air! Her energy and positive vibe is absolutely which is why I am writing this testimonial. She is the first Happiness Coach I met in the year 2008 on my visit to Hongkong. She is a smart woman with a wise and experienced head on her shoulders…

    Munish Chawla

    Co-Founder DTrac & Jeevitam.
  • We all want to be happy, I am yet to find one who doesn’t want! I have always found the concept of happiness very elusive till I attended one of the sessions by Shveitta. In one of our business meetings, Shveitta addressed board members and senior management of the our company…

    Om P. Manchanda

    CEO | Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd.
  • Shveita is an infectious human being full of heart and soul. She can infect you with happiness and positivity. I have known her for over 10 years. Even though I do not speak to her often, even when I do after months, I feel a sense of positivity and hope. There are some friends who are for life, who see you through many phases of life. They are your anchors that you can come back to when you need perspective. Shveita has played that role for me without much effort or fanfare…

    Associate Professor

    NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

Take the





One evening I attended a talk titled – The cult of Luxury Brands. The author, Radha Chaddha  shared her insights into the luxury market of Asia with a focus on China and India.  After her presentation, we started chatting about luxury goods and how the ownership of a brand elevates one to a higher status and tries to fulfill the basic need of happiness.

The conversation steered towards happiness being the biggest luxury. Often the purpose of achieving financial success is to attain happiness and somewhere down the line, our pursuit of wealth steers us away from the very thing that we are seeking. Radha and I were talking about all this and in jest she said to me that I should start thinking of selling “Happiness in a bottle!”

 The next morning I was invited to a breakfast meeting at a fancy club in Hong Kong.  It was packed with media personnel, banker’s, TV anchors and wanna-be stars.  Each person had a business card with a fancy title implying importance and a following. Here I was with no title and no business card. When I introduced myself as Shveitta, they looked at me with an expectant look, which I can only conjecture had something to do with my lack of a business card.

"Some could not hold back and asked me what I did for a living..."

In jest I said “I am searching for the elixir of happiness and eventually I intend to bottle it and sell it”. I was amazed at the kind of response I received to this statement, it was a statement made in jest and I didn’t realize that I was opening such a Pandora’s Box of unfulfilled dreams, financial and emotional setbacks, heart breaks, poor body image, loveless marriages and the works.  The number of name cards I got that day was overwhelming. My bottled happiness formula seemed to be in great demand. Everyone wanted me to share with them the elixir of happiness.  

From that day forward, my research into happiness took a whole new meaning.  People, places, books, events, all started lining up and  pointing me towards the  pursuit and  understanding of happiness.

Over a decade of learning from various masters and teachers, experimenting with myself and those around me, teaching, sharing and consolidating culminated in the creation of ‘School of Happiness’